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Remote Patient
Monitoring Simplified
We'll demonstrate how easy RPM is to implement, manage,
and monetize for healthy profits today.

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  • How to bill for this new patient monitoring service without a lot of headaches 
  • How to start a new patient monitoring service in your practice without spending a lot of money
  • How to recruit patients to the program without a lot of push back
  • ... And More!
New reimbursement rules allow you to generate
$200K per physician for patient
work you currently are doing for free.
Easy Patient Set-Up and Engagement
Compliant with CPT reimbursement codes: 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458
Clinical Workflow Integration
Monitor all major chronic conditions
Patient and Staff Support
Actionable data in assisting patients
Automatic record keeping for auditing
Monitoring Devices included
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